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Our staff of legal and medical experts is happy to provide you with a free case review. We also do free medical record reviews. We will get back to you within 24 hours if you already have a complete set of medical records. If you need help getting your medical records, we also provide free help with medical records requests.

Calling an attorney is always an option, but they most likely will not understand the medicine. They will need to consult an expert physician. That will take time and introduce unnecessary delays. The physician also may not understand the legal nuances. Furthermore, you will likely not have the chance to speak to the physician expert.

PAOR’s team is composed of legal and medical experts.

The review is done at no cost to you and will be done within 24 hours if you already have a complete set of medical records to send us. If you do not have your complete set of medical records, we will gladly assist you in getting them. However, there may be a small charge from the doctors’ offices that you need to pay before records are sent.

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