Wrongful Death Case

Dr. Matthew H. H. Young, MD, JD, CMQ, Esq.

Dr. Matthew H. H. Young, MD, JD, CMQ, Esq.

Founder & Executive Director,
Patient Advocacy Organization and Resource (PAOR)

Doctors told them that he died from a bad outcome on the operating table. How this family figured out what really happened.

An overall healthy gentleman came in for a surgery but unexpectedly died on the operating table. The surgeon told the family it was just a bad outcome and an expected risk or complication of the procedure. The family went to a law firm for assistance, and the law firm reviewing the case initially agreed with the surgeon that this was just a bad outcome. As they often say, “Good medicine, bad outcome.” 

However, this was actually a case of “Bad medicine, bad outcome.”

Luckily, the family eventually had the case reviewed by a team of top-notch lawyers and expert surgeons who figured out what the surgeon who operated on this man did incorrectly.

Had this family failed to find the best possible legal counsel to figure out what went wrong in this case, it is likely that the case would have died then and there, and nothing would have come from this poor patient’s death. See Commandment Number 7: Thou shalt seek the best possible legal counsel.

Commandment Number 9 (“Thou shalt not stop seeking legal counsel until all options have been exhausted”) also rings true, because if this family had accepted the initial opinion that there was no viable theory of malpractice and thereby became dissuaded from seeking additional counsel, then there again would be no case.

The ultimate lesson is to find the best possible counsel, quickly, and don’t give up just because your case was rejected by prior law firms!

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